Snyder: Health care overhaul plan falls short

Rep. Mark Meadows updates reporters on health care negotiations

Rep. Mark Meadows updates reporters on health care negotiations

But the House plan cuts federal Medicaid spending and would cost MI $530 million to maintain its Medicaid expansion program by late 2019, an amount that would trigger its end under state law, according to a new Senate Fiscal Agency report.

Ryan insisted to reporters that the bill was still on a path to pass the House and that Republicans have been working "hand in glove" with the White House on the repeal plan. "This isn't going to get any easier the longer we leave it hanging out there".

"We're all collaborating to make sure we get this exactly right", Ryan said. The legislation now moves to the House Rules Committee where it can be amended. A handful of Budget panel members, including Reps.

The other two were Republicans voting "no" were Mark Sanford of SC and Gary Palmer of Alabama.

Rep. John Yarmouth of Kentucky, the committee's ranking Democrat, argued strongly against it, describing the proposal as "Robin Hood in reverse, but far worse". 'And they all have given me a commitment they're voting for our health plan, our health care plan'.

Without most people on board, the House can not even get it to the Senate to even consider.

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Obamacare supporters say no; that killing the mandatory requirement for insurance or pay a fine feature has helped reduce the number of uninsured in the more than 20 million, and that the less burdensome Republican penalty will have the opposite effect.

By many accounts Trump has been closely involved in negotiations on the health bill, including calling Budget Committee members ahead of Thursday's vote, but he is seen as focused on delivering his "repeal and replace" promise and flexible on the fine print.

Whatever they propose, however, could scare off centrist votes, who say the bill is already too draconian.

Going forward, there's little margin for error for the speaker who has the nearly herculean task of trying to please both moderates in his conference who fear the legislation doesn't do enough to help low-income Americans and conservatives who want to end the Medicaid expansion allowed under Obamacare sooner than later as well as reduce tax credits.

Trump met at the White House on Friday with 13 members of the House Republican Study Committee, a large group of conservative lawmakers seeking changes to Medicaid, the joint federal-state health insurance program for the poor.

Moderates like Rep. Charlie Dent, a Republican from Pennsylvania, have specifically said that rolling back Medicaid expansion before 2020 could be a major problem for himself and others.

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Representative Mark Meadows, chairman of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, wants changes in private insurance mandates that he says will lower healthcare premiums.

That message appeared to conflict with the message that members were getting from Pence Thursday, who left many with the impression that the tweaks they wanted would be added to the final version before it went to the House floor.

Health secretary Tom Price prodded divided Republicans on Friday to "get together and collaborate" on a health care overhaul as GOP leaders hoped to push the legislation through the House next week.

"Given how narrowly we've threaded this needle", said Representative Kevin Cramer of North Dakota, "any abrupt change would probably be - could be a deal killer".

Ryan told reporters that he and the other Republican leaders could now make "some necessary improvements and refinements" to the legislation, reflecting an urgency to buttress support. Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz attended a rally Wednesday at the Capitol and railed against the Paul Ryan-led House bill.

The House's top vote counter still recognizes that there's work to do, however. Republican leaders have repeatedly said that was their schedule, but opposition mushroomed after a congressional report concluded this week that the measure would strip 24 million people of coverage in a decade.

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