Neil Gorsuch, Trump's Supreme Court pick, to appear at Senate confirmation hearing

Gorsuch once recommended that federal judges visit Gitmo

Gorsuch once recommended that federal judges visit Gitmo

"Without it we were done", said Timothy Cook, the attorney.

Since his January 31 nomination by President Donald Trump, Gorsuch has maneuvered throughout Capitol Hill without any apparent missteps.

The Senate begins confirmation hearings for Neil Gorsuch Monday, and the image to keep in mind is professional wrestling. "Basically, it fell upon me to put forward a name and I selected Neil Gorsuch to nominate", said Allard, who noted Gorsuch's academic credentials and support from the legal community. "That's what I want to see from Gorsuch".

As a federal judge, Gorsuch's record on abortion is basically silent.

"His decisions are a bit of a mixed bag on immigration", said Melissa Crow, legal director of the American Immigration Council. That is exactly what Judge Gorsuch has done in several thousand cases he has heard on the 10th Circuit. This comes after their unprecedented partisan obstructionism, refusing a hearing or a vote on President Obama's nominee to fill the vacancy created by the passing of Antonin Scalia in February 2015, almost a full year before the end of the President's term. There is no addendum that says "unless they're really poor".

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"Jon Tester is creating gridlock, threatening to obstruct Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch", says one ad, focusing on the Montana senator seeking a third term. Interpreting and applying the law should not be mistaken for picking preferred outcomes. As Democratic U.S. Sen.

Brettschneider's piece extrapolates from Gorsuch's writing on physician-assisted suicide to determine how Gorsuch would likely lean in the case of marriage equality.

That decision, which found that a closely held corporation should receive personhood-status for purposes of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), set the stage for the Supreme Court's 2014 opinion in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., which expanded RFRA and broadened its ability to be used as a means to discriminate - including against LGBTQ people.

Eliminating Chevron, he suggested, would allow citizens to "organize their affairs with some assurance that the rug will not be pulled from under them tomorrow, the next day, or after the next election".

While groups involved in campaign finance issues seem to believe they already know Gorsuch's positions, the judge has issued few rulings in this area.

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Gorsuch, while nominated by Trump, has already spoken out against the President's attacks against USA judges in the wake of his overturned travel ban.

Gorsuch's record, according to that statement, is "more recklessly conservative" than that of Justice Antonin Scalia, the person he was nominated to replace. They worry that doing away with Chevron would empower judges to gut regulations by overruling agency experts charged with enforcing protections for workers, as well as food, medicine, air and water.

But it is also a sign of Gorsuch's profile and mainstream credibility.

Mr. Goldberg pointed to a case over Utah Gov. Gary Herbert's decision to unilaterally suspend funding of Planned Parenthood after the 2015 release of videos that purported to show officers of the health care provider discussing a fetal tissue donation program. Gorsuch's critics have speculated the opinion could indicate he would be open to loosening or striking down contribution limits for candidates and political parties, which have been left largely intact by the Supreme Court's recent rulings. He unsuccessfully pushed for a rehearing, saying the appeals court should have respected a trial judge's conclusion that the governor was acting with a legitimate motive.

Furthermore, in that same book, Gorsuch questioned whether the Supreme Court had any business defending any sort of unenumerated constitutional rights under the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

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